Introducing equipGPT: Empowering Care with Custom AI

Written by Trent Kocurek

Exciting news from Equip: We're introducing equipGPT! Accessible via ChatGPT, this resource provides practical benefits for those supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Autism, augmenting the comprehensive capabilities of our Equip platform.

At Equip, we're committed to making real, tangible differences in the lives of those caring for individuals with IDD and Autism. Our newest addition, equipGPT, is a step in this direction, offering specific benefits that enhance daily caregiving.

What is equipGPT?

equipGPT is a custom-developed resource that uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) technology. In simpler terms, it's a sophisticated AI tool trained to understand and respond to complex care scenarios. It helps caregivers by providing insights and actionable suggestions based on the latest research and proven practices in the field of IDD and Autism.

equipGPT UI

Tailoring Care with Advanced Insights

equipGPT excels in offering personalized care suggestions. By analyzing patterns and data, it delivers individualized guidance, augmenting caregivers' ability to meet the diverse needs of those they support. This level of customization is crucial for effective, empathetic care in the realm of IDD and Autism.

Real Benefits for Caregivers and Program Staff

equipGPT's main advantage lies in its ability to offer real-time, data-driven advice. Whether you're planning daily activities, managing challenging behaviors, or looking for new strategies to support independence, equipGPT provides relevant and practical suggestions.

Why Use equipGPT?

  • Instant Support - Get immediate answers and suggestions for everyday challenges in caregiving.

  • Evidence-Based Advice - Benefit from insights based on the latest research and best practices in IDD and Autism care.

  • Customized Care Strategies - Receive tailored recommendations that consider individual needs and preferences.

Complementing the Equip Platform

While equipGPT is a standalone resource, its real power shines when used alongside the Equip platform. While equipGPT offers on-the-spot advice and support, the Equip platform provides a comprehensive system for managing detailed profiles, tracking progress, overseeing routine management, and providing purpose built tools focused on supporting daily independence. Together, they create a synergistic approach to caregiving.


equipGPT is not just about technology; it's about making a real difference in the quality of care for individuals with IDD and Autism. By providing instant access to expert knowledge and personalized care strategies, it helps caregivers make informed decisions and enhances the overall care experience.

The introduction of equipGPT represents a significant advancement in the field of IDD and Autism support. By delivering practical, data-driven advice and complementing the Equip platform's comprehensive functionalities, equipGPT empowers caregivers and program staff to provide the best possible support. We encourage you to explore equipGPT and discover how it can enhance your caregiving strategies, offering tangible benefits and real-time support. equipGPT is more than just a tool; it's a step towards more informed, effective, and personalized care in the world of IDD and Autism.

To access equipGPT you'll first need a paid ChatGPT account. You can then navigate to equipGPT to begin interacting with equipGPT. If you're a program director supporting those with IDD and/or Autism and you would like to learn more about Equip, book a demo!

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