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Get more time back in your day by utilizing a platform that helps you organize schedules, manage information, and track important data to ensure you're making a positive impact.

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Managing schedules, goals, and ensuring your students are cared for takes a lot of time and energy. Being able to organize your program's information and make decisions quickly is key to success.

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Wrangle schedules.
Stop having to collect, compare, and organize availability. Let Equip make it easy.
Organize information.
Collect and store student information in one place for easy and efficient access.
Manage routines.
From daily tasks to empoloyment checklists, build and assign routines to students to help build habits.
Communicate effectively.
Easily send and track important messages to the students and volunteers in your program.
Coordinate volunteers.
You can't do it alone, offer tools to your volunteers to help them manage their schedules.
Maintain documents.
Keep your program documents in a centralized place with powerful access controls.

Get more time back in your day

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