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🪄 November 2023 Release

As we continuously strive to enhance Equip's capabilities, our November 2023 release introduces two pivotal features: Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft and Advanced Reporting. These updates are designed to streamline your workflow and deepen your insights into the management of your students and users.

Microsoft SSO

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft: Simplifying Access

In the fast-paced environment of organizational management, ease of access to necessary tools is crucial. Recognizing this need, Equip now integrates Single Sign-On with Microsoft, offering a more streamlined, secure, and efficient login process.

The Benefits:

  • Effortless Login: Forget the hassle of remembering multiple passwords. With SSO, you can access Equip using your existing Microsoft credentials.

  • Enhanced Security: Leveraging Microsoft's robust security protocols, your sensitive data remains protected under layers of advanced security measures.

  • Time Efficiency: Minimize time spent on login and password recovery, redirecting that focus towards what matters most – supporting your members.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting: Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

Data drives decisions, and with Equip's advanced reporting feature, you gain access to comprehensive, customizable reports that offer deeper insights into your operations and member progress.

The Advantages:

  • Customizable Reports: Tailor reports to meet your specific needs, whether it’s tracking member progress, user demographics, or event attendance.

  • Actionable Insights: Translate data into actionable strategies that can enhance member support and organizational effectiveness.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating through data is intuitive, allowing you to easily extract the information you need.

Intercom Integration for Built-In Support

Equip now features Intercom integration! This upgrade brings real-time messaging for instant support and streamlined communication within our software. Enhance your experience in managing and tracking progress with this efficient, new communication tool.

Equip’s latest features are more than just enhancements; they are part of our commitment to providing a platform that not only meets but anticipates your needs. The integration of Single Sign-On with Microsoft and advanced reporting tools represent a significant leap forward in our journey together. We're excited for you to experience these new features and the positive impact they will have on your daily operations.

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