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✨ May 2024 Release

Enhanced Scheduling

Efficient scheduling is crucial for managing the diverse needs of individuals and groups. Our latest updates to scheduling features make it easier to organize and adapt to various event types:

All Day Events

  • Eliminate the need for specifying start and end times with our new All Day Events feature.

  • Perfect for occasions that span the whole day without a fixed schedule, like workshops or community events.

  • This update offers greater flexibility and simplicity in handling your calendar.

Bi-Weekly Events

  • Our Bi-Weekly Events feature now allows for easier setup of events that recur every other week.

  • Ideal for managing regular activities that do not require weekly intervention, saving time and effort.

  • Enhance your planning efficiency with fewer calendar adjustments.

Emotional Empowerment

The Mood Navigator is our latest tool designed to support emotional intelligence and independence among users, enabling better communication and emotional management:

Mood Navigator

  • Choose from a variety of easy-to-understand emotion icons to express current feelings.

  • Access a list of personalized coping strategies to help manage emotions on the spot.

  • Facilitate better communication and understanding between caregivers and individuals.

Streamlined Routine Management

Our AI-Generated Routines feature is here to simplify daily planning and boost independence through technology-assisted scheduling:

AI-Generated Routines

  • AI technology offers initial suggestions for daily tasks and routines based on user profiles and needs.

  • Easily modify and fine-tune these suggestions to ensure they align perfectly with individual preferences.

  • Reduce the cognitive burden on users and caregivers by streamlining routine creation.

Personalized User Insights

Understanding each individual's unique skills and interests is crucial for providing targeted support. Our new tracking feature enriches user profiles and enhances personalization:

Interests and Skills Tracking

  • Track and document skills and interests within the Equip platform for richer user profiles.

  • Use this detailed information to craft highly customized support plans.

  • Enhance your understanding of each individual's unique capabilities and preferences.

We are excited for you to explore these new features and see how they can improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the support you provide. As always, we're here to assist with any questions or guidance needed.

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